About Us



Our Vision


Our vision is to develop and sale communication products to different categories of people and fulfilling their specific expectations by using adapted and convenient technologies to each category.

Our goal is to provide a uniform level of information to all investors and to communicate on our strategy in the medium and long term, in addition to the mandatory communication.


  • Creation of value

Revenue and profit are generated through the sales of our products to our customers, we sell our products through the telecom operators, large consumer retail chain stores and distributors mainly located in Europe and Latin America.

  • Market position

We ranked third in term of revenue mix in the home telephone segment in Europe, in 2016, according to Frost & Sullivan report.

  • Customers

We supply home and business phones to a variety of retailers, telecom operators, telecommunications wholesalers and importers in different regions and countries in the world, particularly in Europe. In future, we plan to increase sales and marketing force especially in France and other parts of Europe and further broaden our customer base in global markets so as to strengthen position in established markets.


  • Products

Our telecommunications product range includes home telephones (corded and cordless), office telephones (analog and VoIP telephones) and other telecommunications products including IP conference devices, IP cameras and monitoring products.

  • Environmental protection

We care about the planet, therefore we follow up our product life closely cycle and perform an eco-design approach to develop our products in order to minimize their environmental foot print .

  • Health and Safety

We do care about people, therefore established standard occupational health and safety procedures to ensure the health and safety of our employees.







  • 2024

    Acquisition of 5GenCare Company Limited and  ChillaxCare Limited


  • 2023

    Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Award:

    Best performer at the AMEA Region.

  • 2022

    Creation of Atlinks UK Limited company to address the UK market.

    Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Award:

    Best performer at the AMEA Region.

  • 2021

    Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Awards:
    REGIONAL AWARDS: Great China area best performer Atlinks Holdings
    CATEGORY AWARDS: Best performer worldwide in the category "Advanced Manufacturing" : Atlinks Holdings

  • 2020

    CSR EcoVadis Evaluation with Platinum Medal Level recognition EcoVadis Sustainability Leadership AWARDS, Best performer worldwide in the category "Advanced Manufacturing" : Atlinks Holdings

  • 2019

    Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership: Best regional performance, China Region: Atlinks Holdings

  • 2018

    EcoVadis Announces Winners of 2018 Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards.

    The Amplicomms brand adquisition.

  • 2017

    Ecovadis CSR Award: Best Small Medium Entreprise (SME) Company in the Asia, Middle East and Africa.

    Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI): Atlinks Holdings Ltd. Winner Leadership Index of SME – Manufacturing and Assembly of Information and Communication Technology Equipment: best performance in the sector worldwide.

  • 2016

    Acquisition of a historic brand, Swissvoice, allowing us to market products in a distinct product positioning.

    Incorporation of ATL Enterprise with HK Sipall as a joint venture company for sales and distribution of telecommunications products.

  • 2015

    Joined the United Nations Global Compact

    CSR Ecovadis Evaluation with Gold Medal Level recognition.

    Sales office creation in Shenzhen.

  • 2014

    Certification on Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Worldwide.

    CSR Ecovadis Evaluation with Silver Medal Level recognition.

    Establishment of ATL Shenzhen for sales of telecommunications products in the PRC.


  • 2013

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ecovadis Evaluation with Bronze Medal Level recognition.

    Acquisition of Atlinks Group (including ATL Europe for development and sales of telecommunications products in Europe, ATL Mexico for sales of telecommunications products in Latin America, and ATL Asia for development and sales of telecommunications products in the rest of the world) by ATL Holdings from an Independent Third Party