Our Business






Atlinks is principally engaged in home and office telecommunication product designing. Our customers include large consumers retail chain stores, telecom operators and distributors mainly located in Europe and Latin America.

We have an experienced team, and a selected group of partners and suppliers who contribute to our success. The relationships with our partners and suppliers are based on our great deal of experience working together. Our product management and quality control processes are strict and we would evaluate their performance based on Product Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, and other CSR criteria.

Our customer base is wide and our relationships with our major customers are stable. We monitor the level of satisfaction of our customers consistently in order to maintain long-term business relationships with them.




Product strategy


As we are driven by customer expectations, our purpose is to develop and sale communication products to different categories of people and fulfilling their specific requirements by using the most adapted and convenient technology to each category.

Users of our products are from families, home workers, office workers, young seniors to elderlies. They are all requiring some common characteristics of products, such as design, ergonomics, convenience, easiness to user, robustness, comfort, connectivity and quality.

Together with our supplies, we use the most adapted technology to provide our users with wireless technologies, communication protocols, building communication ecosystems most suitable for the environment of use.










From home users to office users, we develop and distribute a wide range of products designed to satisfy our customers with their quality, various design and ease of use. We strongly believe that communication is sealing the gap between generations and bringing people closer, which is why we dedicated our business to create affordable and high quality devices for everyone.

More than ever, we are eager to offer telephones but also monitoring solutions, baby monitors and conferencing phones at the best value for money.





We develop a wide range of added-value terminals of communication tailored to simplify the user experience. Our products are dedicated to the professionals in search of innovative and high-quality solutions as well as to the elderly people looking for easy-to-use products to maintain the intergenerational bond.

Our home solutions include landline phones, smart home accessories, mobile phones and a Premium Service especially designed to support and reassure senior users. Our corded VOIP devices are designed to meet SOHO, craftmen, hospitality and SMB/enterprise needs. Whether you’re a self-employed person, a medical office, or a professional in a company, our solutions will optimize your daily efficiency.





User-friendly solutions for a better quality of life

For more than 25 years, Amplicomms has been offering solutions dedicated to seniors that make life easier. We deliver high-quality products, contributing to a better quality of life. With the brand Amplicomms special emphasis is given to the development of full HD quality sound telephones, headphones, accessories and mobile phones in recent years. With our products, we continue to offer solutions to enhance the quality of your communications.