We strive to be recognized by our employees, customers, community and shareholders as a responsible organization that conducts our business in a manner that conserves the environment, minimizes pollution, protects its employees from hazards.

Our commitment to quality, environment and health and safety, is reflected through programs focused on continual improvement and reasonable compliance with: applicable regulations, industry standards and best practices, contractual requirements and corporate initiatives. Planned, integrated and consistent efforts involving every element of our organization, create these results.

Atlinks is committed to:

  1. Create value for its customers by consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed Customer’s expectations as measured by:
  • Product Performance
  • Delivery Commitment
  • Price Competitiveness
  1. Implementing programs and procedures with an intent to meet or exceed all applicable Laws and Regulations regarding Products, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety; and other requirements  from  stakeholders to which Atlinks subscribes.
  1. To the protection of the environment and its employees , by putting in place the best management practices for Prevention of Pollution at its source, Injury and ill  Health of its employees and stakeholders, and  to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability  of our  Information Systems.

This policy is communicated to all the employees and stakeholders and it is shown in all our premises sites.





Certifications and awards


ATLINKS Holdings Ltd, and all its subsidiaries have an integrated Management Systems, which is certified conforming to the international Standards :



ISO 9001: V2015



ISO 14001:V2015


Occupational Health and Safety:

ISO 45001: V2018





Combining People, Process and Platform, EcoVadis has developed the industry-leading team, innovative technology, and a unique CSR assessment methodology that covers 150 purchasing categories, 110 countries, and 21 CSR indicators. More than 200,000 companies use EcoVadis to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust between trading partners.

We are evaluated in our CSR performance by the independent organization, EcoVadis, with the result of the highest recognition level: Platinum Medal.




March 2023:

Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Awards:

REGIONAL AWARD: Best performer AMEA: Atlinks Holdings.



March 2022:

Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Awards:

REGIONAL AWARD: Best performer AMEA: Atlinks Holdings.



March 2021:

Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership Awards:

REGIONAL AWARDS: Great China area best performer Atlinks holdings

CATEGORY AWARDS: Best performer worldwide in the category "Advanced Manufacturing" : Atlinks Holdings



March 2020:

Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership: CATEGORY AWARDS, Best performer worldwide in the category "Advanced Manufacturing" : Atlinks Holdings



March 2019:

Ecovadis Sustainability Leadership: Best regional performance, China Region: Atlinks Holdings



April 2018:

EcoVadis Announces Winners of 2018 Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards

Atlinks is awarded as best performer in China region



June 2017:

Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI): Atlinks Holdings Ltd. Winner Leadership Index of SME – Manufacturing and Assembly of Information and Communication Technology Equipment: best performance in the sector world wide.



May 2017:

Ecovadis Sustainabiltiy Leadership Awards

Regional Award (3 geographic areas) : AMEA; Americas, Europe

Atlinks Holdings Ltd.: Best Performer as a company from the AMEA area




Atlinks Europe choosen by Screlec to apper in their 2016 Annual report as Responsible Company

Screlec is one of the eco-organisation in France in charge of collecting and recycling batteries and accumulators.





CSR reports





United Nations Global Compact



Since March 2015 we support the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact We have been able to embrace those principle since we run our operations meeting the fundamental responsibilities in the areas of :

  • Human Rights
  • Labor Rights
  • Environmental responsibility and Anti-corruption.

Those principles are part of our policies and practices, establishing the culture of integrity and responsibility for planet and people.

See information at the Un Global Compact site:



Atlinks Group Limited (“the Company”) and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment, the Company encourages employees of the Group and related third parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, etc., who deal with the Company) to raise concerns and report in confidence, about misconducts, malpractices or irregularities in any matters related to the Company.

The Whistleblowing Policy has been established to encourage and assist Whistleblowers to disclose information relevant to the misconducts, malpractices or irregularities through a confidential reporting channel (to the extent possible). The Company will handle this report with care and will treat the Whistleblower’s concerns fairly and properly.

If you wish to make a written report, please use the report form below. Once completed, this report becomes confidential. You may send the report, marked confidential and addressed to Audit Committee, by post to the relevant addresses in the form or by email to [].